Enjoy simple living with Lyftcast

With our special Lyftcast master guide. You will be guided to become a person living a simple and easy life. We have helped thousands of people reach their potential.


Week one is all about getting to know our program and philosophy


Week two is the second phase with introduction to life changing tools


Week three is the essence of our program where you will become a guru

Happy thoughts from our Lyftcast clients

Let me be the first to tell you that I have tried almost all Zen courses out there. And every time I have failed. Well Lyftcast was a totally different way of seeing things.

What can I say? I was once a person with no meaning in life. My life was empty and I felt like a loser. A close friend of mine gave me a link to Lyftcast and my life is suddenly a life with a purpose. I have never felt this way before and i recommend it to all people I meet on my path to becoming 100% Zen.


A bright light in the shape of a Lyftcast membership changed me as a whole. I have had success in my past life, but know I know it was the wrong kind of success. Right now I am able to levitate 11 inches and I plan to reach 20 inches before new year.


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